Trust and Security

At Fretish, we know that our members' instruments, equipment, and studio space are often their greatest investments as well as their most prized possessions. That's why we work to protect you and your assets throughout every stage of your reservation.

Insurance Coverage & Security Deposits

For every rental, we either require the renter to have comprehensive insurance coverage or we will hold a security deposit from the renter, which is only refunded 24 hours after the successful completion of your rental.

Should anything go wrong and the renter has insurance, we handle initial communications with the renter to work toward resolving the issue, and we may assist as needed with submitting a claim to the insurance company, assuming the renter doesn’t directly pay for the repair. Read more about our policy for insurance here.

If we’ve held a security deposit in lieu of insurance, we deduct repair costs from this amount. If damages exceed the security deposit, we have the right to bill your renter up to the full value of the rented items, which you’ve set in your listing. We reserve the right to make the final call in any dispute, which is also why we also require photos and condition notes in your listings - this helps us understand what went out the door versus what came back.

And if you need a backup item in the unlikely event that a rental doesn’t go as planned, we'll help source that for you as well.


At Fretish, we know a successful rental experience begins and ends with transparency. That's why we require owners to upload photos and detail the condition of a listing. We also encourage renters to communicate what they are using the item for during a reservation - whether a live gig, studio session, or simply home use.

At the start of the reservation, we ask that renters and owners take a moment for a “walk around,” similar to the quick evaluation you would make at the start of a car rental. This way, you can both ensure that everything works as expected from the beginning, as well as note any cosmetic issues not detailed in the listing. Renters are encouraged to send us a quick email with anything they would like to note, so that they are not held responsible at the end of a reservation for something they did not cause.

At the end of the rental process, we strongly encourage both parties to provide feedback on their experience so that future owners and renters can review each others’ ratings when deciding on a rental option.

Review and Confirmation

An owner is never obligated to accept a rental request. We encourage you to evaluate interested renters before accepting a reservation. Check out if you have any Facebook friends in common. View their profile to get a sense of who they are. Review the reservation request for information on what they’ll be using your item for. Don’t be shy about communicating with a renter if you have specific questions about them or their plans for your item.

We’re Here To Help

We know that sometimes things just don't work out - schedules change, gear isn’t as expected, or new needs arise. That's why our 24-hour customer service is on hand to source a backup in the event of a last minute issue with the gear or a cancellation.

Email our team at