Security Deposit & Rental Insurance Policies

We know that you care about your gear and so do we. That’s why we make sure that your items are protected when you rent them out via Fretish. For every rental, we either hold a security deposit during the rental or by make sure that the renter have comprehensive rental insurance coverage.

If you’re renting instruments and gear with Fretish, there are three options for coverage of your rental:

  1. Link your existing MusicPro insurance policy to your Fretish account or purchase a new MusicPro policy.

    MusicPro was created solely for the purpose of providing convenient, affordable insurance for musicians. You can get a MusicPro policy here and submit your policy information at the time you make your next rental. Policies start at only $150 for a year and cover all of your Fretish rentals for a year*. Read more about MusicPro Insurance here.

    * Subject to policy terms, limits, conditions and exclusions.

  2. Use your own rental insurance.

    Fretish renters are welcome to have their own rental policies cover their Fretish rentals, if the policy is current and eligible to cover the rental. Please send your Certificate of Insurance (COI) that lists the Owner and Fretish as the loss payee and certificate holder to along with your reservation number. Fretish will contact your insurance company to verify that your insurance properly covers the equipment you’re renting.

  3. Leave a security deposit.

    The default security option is for Fretish to charge a security deposit to your credit card at the time of reservation. Assuming there are no claims submitted from the owner, we refund the deposit 24 hours after the successful completion of your reservation. It may take a couple days for your bank to process the deposit refund. Security deposit amounts may vary depending on your rental history, but most are 30% of the total value of the item(s) you’re renting. We’re authorized by our Terms of Service to charge up to the full value of the rented item(s) on your credit card, in the event that the amount needed to repair or replace the item(s) exceeds the security deposit.