Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fretish?

Fretish is a community marketplace where musicians and artists can rent instruments, equipment, and space from each other.

Fretish makes touring, recording, and creating less expensive and more convenient, while also letting artists make money from their gear and space when it’s not in use. By connecting through Fretish, artists can access a widespread inventory of creative equipment and space, finding whatever they need wherever they are and building real relationships with other creatives from all over the world.

Can I use Fretish if I live outside of the U.S.?

You can search and rent Fretish listings from any country in the world. You can create listings in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, all Eurozone countries, Hungary, Australia, and New Zealand. If you have any questions about international listings and what features are available to you now, please drop us a line at

Which currencies can I pay in?

When paying for a reservation, you will be charged in the local currency for that listing, either USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, NZD, or AUD, as applicable. When the currency of the listing differs from your selected currency we display an approximate price based on exchange rated quoted by the European Central Bank, which can be found at Exchange rates are constantly changing, so this approximate price is provided by Fretish solely for your reference and is not necessarily reflective of the actual fee that will be charged to you. We will also display the amount you will be charged in the local currency on the reservation request page. When paying in a currency that differs from the denominated currency of your payment method, your payment provider may charge a fee or apply their own currency conversion rate. Please contact your payment provider for information on what rates and fees may apply, as these are not controlled by or known to Fretish.

To change your selected currency on the website (i.e., what currency you see when you look at a listing), go to the bottom left corner of the page, click the “Currency” button, and select your preferred currency. To change the selected currency on the mobile app or mobile website, press the profile button at the bottom and select “Default Currency”. Please note that changing the currency view does not change the currency you are charged. You are always charged in the local currency for a given listing.

How do I create a Fretish account?

You can join Fretish for free by going to and clicking “Sign Up.”

The easiest way to complete the sign up process is by connecting your Facebook account. This automatically fills in some of your profile and also adds a level of trust and security for other Fretish members. You can also sign up for a Fretish account with your email address. After you sign up, please be sure to complete your profile.

How do I list on Fretish?

  1. Create a profile - Sign up and create a profile! Add a photo or two and tell the community a little about yourself in your description. Renters want to know they’re interacting with a real, trustworthy owner (just as you want to know the same about your renters). Build your reputation by verifying your e-mail address and your mobile number. You can also include your website, twitter handle, and Soundcloud or Bandcamp links.
  2. List your instruments, equipment, and space - List your instruments, equipment, and space. Once you’re signed in, click the “Create Listing” button to get started. Accurately describe the item or space, its condition, and what is included in the rental (e.g., a tuner or case for a guitar). Set your pricing and security deposit amount based on the actual value of the item (up to $5,000). Include optional “add on” services or items, such as a flat fee for setting up the instrument or recurring fee to include an extra accessory or complimentary item. Next, select any dates when the listing available. Finally, upload some beautiful, accurate photos of the actual item or space in the listing.
  3. Book your instruments, equipment, and space - Answer messages and reservation requests from prospective renters in a timely manner. Your response rate and search placement depend on it, so don’t keep potential renters waiting too long. While it’s entirely up to you which reservation requests you accept, your listings’ search placement may be negatively impacted if you decline many or most reservation requests. Be sure to review your renters after the reservation has been completed. Our trusted community thrives on feedback.

How much should I charge for my listing?

The rates you decide are completely up to you. To get an idea of market prices in your area, search for comparable items in your city on the site.

You can set hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Daily gear prices generally range from 2 to 10% of an item’s full value. When setting a daily rate, consider the condition of your item, the accessories you include, and demand.

Your hourly rate is likely to vary more by what is worthwhile to you. We suggest dividing your day rate by 4 or 6 if you need a starting point. Once the total hourly amount of a rental reaches the daily price, the day rate kicks into effect.

Some owners offer weekly or monthly pricing at a discounted rate to attract renters. Once the total daily amount of a rental reaches the weekly or monthly price, those rates take effect. If you choose not to add a weekly or monthly rate, your daily rate will apply.

Unsure what your gear is worth? You can work from the original MSRP, or take a quick look at resale prices on eBay or Guitar Center. This research process can also be helpful when writing your description.

For space, check out the rates of your local rehearsal or recording studios and price from there.

For new listings with no feedback, consider setting a more competitive price than similar items in your area to get renters through the door. You can always raise the amount once you have your first review.

You can include optional “add on” services or items (such as a fee for set up or providing accessories like a stand) for an additional flat fee or recurring fee (i.e., hourly, daily, etc.), set by you, in the “Listing Details” page under “Additional Items and Services.”

Please remember that owner service fees and renter service fees are calculated from reservation subtotals.

How do I list multiple items?

To list multiple items or spaces within the same building, you need to create a separate listing for each space or item you have available to rent. Each listing has its own calendar and description. Only one reservation per listing can be booked at a time. The calendar is marked as unavailable for each pending or accepted reservation to prevent double-booking.

You can also create a listing that includes multiple items or multiple spaces, but be sure to keep up with your calendars. If you rent out multiple items that also have individual listings, be sure to block out those dates on all of the individual listings so you won’t double-book.

How do I turn off or deactivate my listing?

On your Listings page, select Edit for the listing you wish to deactivate. Then click Settings and choose Hide Listing. Your listing won’t appear in search results or on your public profile any longer. Even when unlisted, you must honor all upcoming confirmed reservations.

Your past reviews will remain on your public profile whether your listing is unlisted or deleted - they cannot be removed.

How do I know if a reservation is accepted or confirmed?

If your reservation is approved and payment processed, it will appear in the In Progress tab on your Dashboard. If the reservation is expired (i.e., timed out), declined, or completed, it will appear in the Finished tab on your Dashboard. If there has been an issue processing payment, there will be an alert for the renter that indicates the payment failed and the owner’s status will show the reservation as confirmed but with payment pending.

How much time do I have to respond to a reservation request?

You have 24 hours to officially respond to a reservation request before it expires by clicking the Approve or Decline button. Please remember that it is always best to respond promptly to a reservation request, even if you are declining it. Response times may impact your feedback score and visibility in search returns.

Feel free to work out details with renters in your message thread before responding to reservation requests; however, messaging with the renter on the site does not officially respond to the request. If you do not respond within the allotted time frame, the request will expire and your placement in search results may be negatively impacted. Expired requests cannot be reactivated; the renter must simply re-request the item to begin the process again.

To find a pending request, follow the alert on your Dashboard. The time remaining before the request expires is shown when you open the reservation request.

Why can’t I call or email a renter or owner before booking?

Email addresses and phone numbers are shared only after a reservation request has been accepted. You can find this information in your reservation confirmation. Before submitting or accepting a reservation request, you can use the messaging system on Fretish to communicate.

In order to maintain your safety and privacy, all contact between owners and renters must flow through Fretish before a reservation is accepted. If you attempt to exchange email addresses or phone numbers before having an accepted reservation, this information may be automatically removed. Continued attempts at transacting offline may result in your removal from the site, per our Terms of Service.

Am I allowed to decline reservation requests?

Yes! It’s absolutely okay to decline reservation requests. We encourage you to review the requesting renter’s profile and feedback before making a decision. It is completely up to you what reservation requests you accept or decline.

You must accept or decline all reservation requests before they expire. Accepted requests may positively affect your listing and expired requests may negatively affect your listing. If you decline many or most of the requests you get, however, your listing’s placement in search results may be negatively impacted. Keep in mind that you cannot un-decline a reservation request. In that instance, you must message the potential renter and they may begin a new request process.

How does the Fretish payment system work?

Our payment system is secure, reliable, and convenient.

When submitting a reservation request to an owner, the renter provides his or her payment details and the payment method may be authorized for a charge. If the reservation request is declined, cancelled (prior to approval), or expires, we do not complete the charge and any authorization is released.

If the reservation is approved, the payment is processed and collected by Fretish in full, along with a security deposit if the renter does not have insurance coverage. Whether the reservation is a couple days or a couple months away, we hold the payment until 24 hours after the beginning of the reservation before releasing the funds owed to the owner. This gives both parties time to do an inspection of the item or space being rented to make sure that everything is as expected. If there is no reported damage to or loss of the rented item, any security deposit is refunded to the renter 24 hours after the end of the reservation.

Fretish does not endorse cash payments. In accordance with our Terms of Service., transactions must take place on the Fretish platform. By completing your transactions via Fretish, the security of your funds is ensured, and you’ll be protected by our policies.

How and when do I get paid?

Fretish releases your owner payout approximately 24 hours after the reservation commences, based on the reservation details. Owners within the United States are paid via direct deposit into their bank account. International owners are paid via Paypal. After we release the payout, it takes 2-3 business days for the payment to arrive in your bank or 3-5 days to arrive in your Paypal account. Processing times may vary depending on your banking system. Payouts subtract the Fretish service fee from the amount paid by the renter.

What are the service fees?

Service fees are calculated from the reservation subtotal, excluding any security deposit amount. The subtotal is the complete price of the reservation before service fees have been added. If you alter your reservation, the service fees adjust according to the new subtotal.

Renter Service Fee: We add a service fee to renter payments every time a reservation is booked to cover the cost of running our site and services. You will see the exact amount in the price breakdown on the checkout page before you confirm and pay. We only charge the service fee if your reservation request is accepted by the owner. If you cancel a reservation you booked as a renter, the service fee is non-refundable. If your reservation is canceled by the owner and you choose to be refunded, the service fee is refunded.

Owner Service Fee: We deduct a service fee from owner payouts every time a reservation is booked for their listing. The covers the cost of processing renter payments.

Additional fees may apply for international payments and currency conversions. You’ll be made aware of any of these additional fees in advance.

What is Fretish’s policy for renter refunds?

Renters may be entitled to a full or partial refund in the event that they experience certain equipment issues. Equipment issues fall into three general categories: (1) the owner cancels the reservation shortly before the reservation is scheduled to begin or the owner fails to provide access to the item or space booked; (2) the listing booked is misrepresented or lacks in promised items or features; or (3) the listing is not generally as described. Equipment issue claims must be made within 24 hours after the reservation begins. For more information, read Section 7 of our Terms of Service.

How does Fretish handle security deposits and insurance?

Fretish either holds a security deposit or requires comprehensive insurance coverage for each reservation.

Fretish renters may link their MusicPro insurance policy to their Fretish account to automatically cover all of their rentals on Fretish. Alternatively, renters may submit a certificate of insurance to Fretish at, with coverage enough to cover the value of the rented gear and naming the owner and Fretish as loss payees. Learn more about our insurance requirements here.

Security deposits help cover incidents that occur during a reservation, such as damage to or loss of the listing item. Owners must add a security deposit to their listing before a reservation is booked. Security deposits should be the actual replacement value of the item listed, up to $5,000. Security deposits cannot be handled off-site in cash, as off-site payments are a violation of our Terms of Service.

When a reservation is accepted, Fretish charges 30% of the security deposit amount to the renter’s credit card. The renter’s payment information is also stored in the event that damage or loss exceeds that amount, in which case the payment used for the reservation will be charged for the cost of repair or replacement, up to the amount of the full security deposit set by the owner. The renter will be made aware of the security deposit amount before requesting the reservation.

An owner has 24 hours after the end of the reservation to make a claim on the security deposit. If no claim is made in that time period, we will promptly refund to the renter all portions of the security deposit charged. If an owner makes a claim on the security deposit, we mediate and collect additional payment from the renter, as necessary.

Security deposits are not included in the total cost of a listing, and we do not charge service fees on security deposits.

How do I make a claim on the security deposit or insurance?

You have 24 hours from the end of the reservation to make a claim on the security deposit and 48 hours to make a claim with a MusicPro insurance policy. You can initiate a claim by emailing Be sure to include the reservation number as well as a description of the incident or damage. We may require additional information, such as photos of the damage or an explanation for why photos are not available as well as documentation of expenses, including the item’s original receipt, a receipt for replacement, or an estimate for repair on official company letterhead. After initially working with Fretish, you may be required to contact MusicPro directly in connection with claims. If you’re using an insurance policy that’s not MusicPro, you will need to consult with that company’s policy regarding claims and contact them directly.

Can a security deposit be handled off-site?

No. Security deposits can’t be handled off-site in cash, as off-site payments are a violation of our Terms of Service. In order to protect renter payments and ensure owners are properly compensated for damages that may occur during a reservation, all security deposits must be handled on Fretish, or our members risk losing our protection and mediation for the reservation.

How do we coordinate the reservation logistics?

Renters and owners work out the details for pick-up, delivery, and returns of listing items, as applicable. There is no online process for starting or ending a reservation.

To ensure a smooth reservation, we recommend the following tips:

Communication is key. Before the start of a reservation, use the Fretish messaging system to coordinate pick-up/delivery and return times and ask any other questions. This ensures all your information is saved in one place for easy access and gives you and Fretish a clear reference should an issue arise.

Make sure to confirm your contact information so you can reach each other in case plans change. Also, let each other know if you’ll be without access to a phone or the internet.

Know your reservation details. After a reservation is approved, refer to the confirmation details in your dashboard for useful information, such as the start and end times, the listing’s address, the owner’s contact information, and your billing receipt.

What if I can’t get in touch with a renter?

If your renter is late for pick up or receiving a delivery, it’s very likely that he or she might call, email, or arrive soon. Some renters don’t have access to a phone or may encounter delays that could affect their timing. Try reaching your renter by calling their provided phone number, messaging through the Fretish messaging system, or emailing through their personal email.

As long as the reservation shows as “confirmed” in your Fretish account, the reservation is considered active. Should your renter decide to cancel or not show up, we will uphold our cancellation policy and your payout will be released normally, 24 hours after the originally scheduled reservation start time.

What if I feel uncomfortable with a renter?

You are in complete control of who rents your instruments, equipment, and space.

When you receive a reservation request, we encourage you to check out your renter - their profile, feedback, and verifications. You do not have to approve the request if you are not comfortable renting to that person for any reason. If you have questions for the renter, feel free to message them through our system prior to approving the reservation request. If you decide you do not want to approve the reservation, simply decline the request. Declining an individual reservation request does not negatively impact your placement in search results. If you decline many or most reservation requests, however, you placement in search results may be negatively impacted.

If you approved a reservation but want to cancel before it starts, email us at with your reservation number and cancellation request. Please review our Cancellation Policy before canceling, as it applies to all reservations. Penalties may apply for cancellations. That said, we understand that every situation is unique and will be happy to talk with you if you reach out to us.

In case of an emergency during a reservation or if you feel your personal safety is threatened, contact the local police or emergency services immediately.

How do I alter a reservation?

Whether you’re a renter or owner, if you want to alter a reservation, first message the other party and make sure they’re willing to accept the altered reservation. Agree on the terms and send an email with the reservation number and details of the alteration to We will reach out to the other party for their approval before processing. Please note that while we try our best to accommodate alterations, we cannot guarantee that all requests for reservation changes will be granted.

How do I cancel a reservation as a renter?

To cancel a reservation, please email us at with the reservation number and request for cancellation. Please review our Cancellation Policy before canceling, as it applies to all reservations.

How do I cancel a reservation as an owner?

In the event that you must cancel after a reservation has been confirmed, please do so right away. First, you should contact your renter to explain, then send an email to with the reservation number and request for cancellation.

Your reservation is officially canceled when the status says “Canceled” in your Fretish account. Otherwise, the reservation has not been officially canceled in our system. By sending us a cancellation email, please note that you will be recorded as the party responsible for initiating the cancellation, effective immediately.

Because owner cancellations require additional customer support, as well as funds for securing rental alternatives, the following actions may be applied:

  1. An automatic review may appear on your listing indicating that a reservation was canceled.
  2. Your calendar will remain unavailable/blocked for the dates of the reservation. This is done as a convenience, to prevent another Fretish renter from booking unavailable dates for your listing.
  3. You may also be subject to a cancellation fee if you cancel more than once in a six-month period, in order to help offset the cost of securing last minute rental replacements. This will be taken from your next payout. The fee for each cancellation after one in a six-month period is $50 USD if you cancel within 7 days of the start of the reservation or $75 USD if canceling within 3 days of the start of the reservation. If you cancel once a reservation has started, there is a $100 fee imposed (regardless of whether it is your first cancellation in that six-month period).

Your renter is fully refunded if you cancel before the reservation begins, and you will receive no payout. When you cancel a reservation already in progress, our Cancellation Policy no longer determines your payout, and your renter will be fully refunded for the unused time left in the reservation. You will also be subject to a $100 cancellation fee, taken from your next payout.

There may be special situations in which owner cancellation penalties can be waived, such as when an owner must cancel due to extenuating circumstances.

What happens if my renter cancels a reservation?

If your renter cancels your reservation, you will be notified by Fretish and your calendar will be opened so that you can rent to someone else.

At the time of cancellation, your renter is refunded according to our Cancellation Policy. If you’d like to offer your renter any additional refunds, please email us at with the reservation number and refund amount. We will uphold our Cancellation Policy unless the cancellation occurs under extenuating circumstances or was processed in relation to our policy on renter refunds.

Any payout owed to you will be released normally, 24 hours after the originally scheduled reservation start, which you can verify in your reservation details. Payouts for cancelled reservations will not be released early.

If your renter has already received or used the rented item:

  • They will be required to return or exit the listing, as applicable, upon submitting the official cancellation.
  • You must make any security deposit claim within 24 hours of the original reservation end date.

If the reservation hasn’t changed to Canceled in your Fretish account, then the reservation hasn’t been officially canceled in our system. It’s still considered active and will still appear on your calendar.

How do I refund my renter?

If your renter cancelled the reservation and you want to offer them a refund greater than that in our Cancellation Policy, please email with the reservation number and refund amount requested as well as send a message to your renter. We will notify the renter of the refund and process the transaction within the following 48 hours.

Once you submit the refund amount using the above process, you have agreed to refund your renter and the transaction is considered final. You are not entitled to a return of any refund you grant.

What happens if an owner cancels a reservation?

If an owner cancels your reservation, you will be notified by Fretish and you will be refunded according to our Cancellation Policy. You can always email for assistance finding a new rental, particularly if you are dealing with a compressed time frame.

We will uphold our Cancellation Policy unless the cancellation occurs under extenuating circumstances.

For what extenuating circumstances is a renter eligible for a refund?

We understand that circumstances come up that affect your plans. Depending on the case, a refund may be authorized outside of our Cancellation Policy and the renter will be given a full refund, meaning the owner will receive no payout.

If a renter is canceling due to extenuating circumstances, we will reach out to the owner right away to explain the situation. Please note that cancellations can often be avoided if you alter the reservation.

Details for renters:

Extenuating circumstances will be contingent upon the reservation being cancelled prior to the start date and upon you contacting Fretish to provide proper documentation where applicable. Only the cases found in our Terms of Service (Section 7, under Cancellations and Refunds) will be considered.

If you are certain you are unable to uphold the reservation due to an official extenuating circumstance, please cancel the reservation as soon as possible and contact us at to provide relevant documentation. We will determine if our policy on extenuating circumstances applies to your reservation based on the documentation provided. Please know that if you cannot provide proper documentation, we will not be able to give you a refund for your reservation.

If your claim is denied, your refund will be processed according to the Fretish Cancellation Policy. You can always reach out to the owner to request a refund outside of the cancellation policy.

How can I contact Fretish?

To get in touch with a member of our customer service team, please email us at with a description of your question or issue and your contact information.

For problems with a reservation, please first send a message to the owner or renter. This is often the best way to quickly resolve issues that come up before, during, and after your rental.

Can Fretish deactivate my account?

Fretish may limit, suspend, or deactivate your account, as outlined in the Terms of Service.

In an effort to foster a trustworthy community and uphold the Terms of Service, your account may be limited, suspended, or deactivated during a review of Fretish accounts. The following may occur with or without notifying you directly:

  • Your account can be deactivated or suspended; you may not be able to access the platform, your account or content, or receive assistance from Fretish.
  • Any upcoming pending or accepted reservations you have as either owner or renter can be canceled; you may not be entitled to any compensation for the reservations that were canceled as a result of your suspension. We also may: communicate to the appropriate renters or owners that their reservation was cancelled; refund renters in full, regardless of the cancellation policy; and contact renters about alternative listings that may be available.