About Fretish®

Fretish is the first peer-to-peer music instrument rental marketplace where musicians and artists can rent instruments, equipment, and space from one another.

We evolved out of a simple idea: it should be easier to make and share your music with the world. By creating greater, transparent access to affordable equipment as well as generating additional income for owners who wish to rent to other musicians, our goal is to connect you with whatever you need to further support your creativity and growth.

Fretish exists to drive connections around the world through the power of the sharing economy, helping artists to more effectively share their creative resources, ultimately to greater creative impact.

At its core, Fretish is a community of, by and for musicians. This community is built upon the principles of: respect, honesty, encouragement, trust and discovery. Music brings people together. And that's what Fretish strives to do. How? By letting people who own musical instruments - guitars, basses, amps, pedals, etc. - rent their personal inventory with the other members of the marketplace.


Find rare (or not so rare), high quality musical instruments to play. Like a gorgeous archtop. Or a vintage flattop. Acoustic, electric, 6 string, 12 string, short scale - explore all that Fretish has to offer.

Maybe you're a hobbyist. Try before you buy. In fact, there's no pressure to buy. Take the instrument home. Plug it in to your own amplifier. Record yourself. How does it sound? In your own environment, running through your own sound system? Maybe it confirms that this is the instrument you want to add to your own collection. Or, maybe it dispels the idea that you really needed that "must-have" effects pedal.

Maybe you're a touring musician. Gear got delayed, damaged or stolen in transit? Need a replacement instrument fast for this evening's gig? Use Fretish.

Maybe you're a recording musician on a budget. Going into the studio to lay down some tracks and want a distinctive sound? Instead of shelling out $8k for the 1960 Les Paul, rent it for a couple of days at a fraction of the price.

Whatever your situation, Fretish is a resource for expanding your tonal palette.


Are you a personal collector? Turn your instrument collection into a profit center. List your personal collection of instruments on Fretish. Set your own hourly or daily price.

Most people that own multiple instruments are confronted with, at some point, a moment of clarity: why do I have more than one guitar? Playing them all simultaneously is not an option. Your spouse may bring up the expense associated with guitar acquisition syndrome (G.A.S.). But, what if you could 1) keep your collection, 2) earn money from the collection and 3) add to your collection? Now you can have your musical cake and eat it too.

Guitar Builders

Are you a guitar builder? Do you handcraft a limited number of fine instruments per year which is not enough to have models sitting in most large retailers? With limited distribution, your sales will be limited. But Fretish can help. Here's how:

  • Approach Fretish as a "Try Before You Buy" system/platform
  • Fretish users pay to play guitars for short periods of time
  • Treat these short term renters as highly qualified leads


Do you own or operate a recording studio? Would you like to reach a highly relevant audience of musicians with no out-of-pocket expense? Try Fretish today.